About Certification Support

HEMS Certification Support Center provides "ECHONET Lite certification suoport" and "SMA compliance test" to the ECHONET Consortium members.

1)ECHONET Lite Certification Support

Self-operated tests for ECHONET Lite certification and Inter-Operability Tests with ECHONET Lite devices can be performed here.

About ECHONET Lite Certification Support

2)SMA compliance test

We provide compliance tests for Smart Electricity Meter as a Certification Authority.

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You need an account of the Center to use it. The application for the account is free, though "Manufacturer Code" issued by the ECHONET Consortium is required. After login, Please reserve a test room.

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Facility & Equipment List

"Please check ECHONET Lite devices in the Center with this list before your reservation."

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