About SMA compliance test

SMA compliance test application

About SMA comliance test

Target: Smart Meter for SMA, HEMS controller for SMA
※Please refer to the following URL for SMA compliance test in the HEMS Certification Support Center

Procedure for test application

Submit "Application documents" to the address below. (ref. "Application for SMA compliance test")

Application for SMA compliance test

SMA_testflow_v1.1.pdf(1,036.14 kB)

Application documents

1) Application sheet(submit in PDF with seal or signature)

SMA_documents_v1.2.doc(91.64 kB)

2)Copy of the certificate of the lower communication layers

Sample_Wi-SUN.pdf(90.48 kB)

About certification fee

SMA Certification fee is free in FY2014 because the HEMS certicication support center runs under the fund of METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). T.B.A. for FY2015.
Note)Besides our charge,You need a application fee to a third party Certification Bodies on the ECHONET Lite Protocol certification.
Ask Certification Bodies below for details.

After receiving your application, the following information will be provided.

※Refer to the member pages of the ECHONET Consortium web site.

Example : ECHONET Lite compliance test specification paper (ECHONET Lite device)

Contact to

神奈川工科大学HEMS(ECHONET Lite)認証支援センター:
〒243-0292 神奈川県厚木市下荻野1030
Person in charge:Sasagawa(sasagawa@he.kanagawa-it.ac.jp